Baby Knitting Patterns How to BIND OFF in Pattern for Knitting

Baby Knitting Patterns How to BIND OFF in Pattern for Knitting

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Binding off in pattern is one of those instructions you’ll see in a knitting pattern.

It’s usually used for binding off a rib stitch (like 1×1 or 2×2 rib) or some kind of knit- purl-combination stitch like seed stitch.

Unlike a regular bind off, where you knit all the stitches on the bind off row, binding off in pattern requires that you knit the bind off row as if you were working the next row of your stitch pattern.

The result is a bind off that seamlessly blends into your stitch pattern.

The good news is that binding off in pattern is very easy to do. Just remember to work the two stitches of the bind off as if you were knitting the next row of your pattern. Bring the first stitch over the second stitch and you’re good to go!

BIND OFF TIP: keep a loose hand when binding off, especially if you’re dealing with ribbing. This will keep the bind off edge elastic and springy!

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